Stage 4:  Get it Shown

You’ve done all the hard work preparing your home for sale,  getting it in tip top shape, and having it staged and photographed.  Now, it’s time for your property’s close up.  In this stage of the home-selling process you’re looking for as much exposure as possible – to potential buyers as well as area agents.  

Private Showings:  Agents working with buyers who are actively-looking to buy a home similar to yours, will request private showings.  While these requests can be inconvenient and disruptive to your normal schedule, you should do your best to accommodate as many of them as possible.  These showings will like produce the buyer, so do everything you can to have your home show-ready at all times during this stage of the selling process.

Open Houses:  Open houses are a great opportunity to swing the doors open and invite both potential buyers as well as neighbors and looky-lou’s in for a peek inside.  It’s rare that your buyer will actually walk through your doors that day, but neighbors or casual open house attendees may know of potential buyers, so it’s worth doing at least one during this stage of the selling process.

Broker’s Tour:   The realtors in your local area devote a day a week to touring active listings in their areas of operation. Agents working with active buyers will take this opportunity to preview your home and determine if it’s a fit for any of their clients or prospects.  Your agent also uses this tour to elicit feedback from fellow agents regarding the price of your home or details to be addressed that will, in their opinion, increase your chances of selling quickly.


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