When you first start thinking about selling your home, tools like an instant home valuation or MarketWatch reports, will help you familiarize yourself with local home values and market trends. 
But, when you’re ready to get serious about listing your home for sale, you’ll need to drill down and look at what homes similar to yours in location, size, and amenities are selling for, and how long they’re taking to sell, in the current market. 
I can create a report called a comparative market analysis, or CMA, which will identify both currently listed and recently sold properties similar to your home.  We’ll use this report to drill down into your segment of the market and discuss how much your home might list and sell for based on past and current market indicators. 
Ideally, I’ll try to do an apples-to-apples comparison.  But that’s harder than you might think.  No two properties are exactly alike and even the tiniest difference can make a huge impact on what a buyer is willing to pay for your home: 
 ·  Time of Year 
 ·  Economic Conditions 
 ·  Schools and School Districts 
 ·  Property Taxes 
 ·  Upgrades or Deferred Maintenance 
 ·  Amenities 
Sometimes these differences can be obvious:  Your home has one less or one more bathroom than a comparable home, making it worth less or more to a buyer. But, sometimes the differences can be more subtle:  A home’s proximity to a real or imagined dividing line, or to neighboring commercial or multi-family buildings, can make it worth more or less to a potential buyer than a similar property.
Based on my understanding of how your home compares to market expectations, I’ll give you a well-reasoned range of what I think your home might sell for in today’s market.  
Then, based on your selling needs and timeline, we’ll agree on an initial list price, knowing that we may need to adjust that price based on the market’s response to get it sold quickly and for the best price possible! 
Ready to find out what your home might sell for in today’s market?  Give me a call or shoot me an email and I’ll get to work on preparing a custom CMA just for you.

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